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A professional interior designer helps to design your car porch area to meet your requirement. 3D drawings of your car porch can help you visualize the final product at the same time control your total renovation budget. There are many ways to renovate your car porch area depending on your specification and budget. Looking for a car porch renovation contractor in KL and Selangor area? You are at the right place.

Car Porch Design Malaysia

Car porch is an open-air roofed structure used as a shelter or to park vehicles to protect them from sunshine or rain. A car porch is very common in Malaysia for terrace houses or bungalow compare to a garage (indoor vehicle housing area).

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Car Porch Renovation Rules and Regulation

While some very minor renovations do not require permits, it is still best to check with the local council before proceeding with any renovation work, because there is no specific list as to what requires permits.

Obtaining a permit from the local council before renovating your car porch is important to ensure you are not building on your neighbour’s or town council’s property (including roads, pavements, or ground outside your compound) and to make sure that all safety standards and rules are met for the new proposed structure (including any specific setback from the front gate).

For landed properties, the owner will need to draw up the proposed renovation plan and submit it to the local council with a specific fee. The local council will then evaluate and approve or reject the proposal (if it does not meet specific guidelines).

You should also procure the Certificate of Compliance and Completion (CCC) from architects to ensure that the contractors built according to the plan approved to avoid any problem in the future.

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Car Porch Renovation Cost

Car porch renovation cost in KL and Selangor normally ranges between RM10,000 to RM30,000 depending on the size of the car porch and renovation work involved. Basic car porch renovation work includes changing fences, floor tiles, main gate, and painting. It will become more costly (an additional 10,000 to RM30,000) if you are looking to do structure extension for the car porch area or demolishing and rebuilding walls, fences, and roof. It is wise to install an auto gate for the main entrance, the cost of an auto gate depending on the type of material, sizes, and design. A 13x5feet trackless folding auto gate costs an additional RM8,000 to RM12,000.

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Car Porch Extension

Common problems faced by house owner who bought terrace house are narrow car porch entrance and short car porch roof that does not have enough cover for rain and sunshine. Car porch extension is recommended to solve these problems. While concrete or mild stell car porch roof extension is more durable and lasting, awning or glass roof extension are also a good choice of extension for the car porch area for a budgeted solution. Demolish the wall next to the gate for a bigger front entrance is recommended to house owner, especially for those who have more than a car to park in.

Car Porch Awning

An awning is a roof-like cover extending over or in front of the as a shelter to rain or sunshine. There is a variety of material used for constructing the awning for the car porch including polycarbonate, laminated glass, metal or aluminium composite sheets, poly roof with metal pergola and more. Different awning materials have different durability, heat and UV resistance and rain noise reduction characteristics. Get a transparent or semi-transparent glass awning for more natural sunlight.

Car Porch Tiles

Car porch tile should be non-slippery and high mechanical strength and highly durable. The common outdoor floor tiles for the car porch area are 2x1feet or 1x1feet. Smaller size tiles with grout lines provide additional slip resistance for the car porch area. Heavy-duty tiles are recommended for the car porch for house owner with big and heavy cars. Look for a designer or contractor that provides additional car porch tile design to give your car porch an additional style and design.

Auto Gate for the Car Porch

The auto gate is a common additional item for a car porch renovation project. An auto gate provides convenience to house owner without the need to physically unlock the gate, especially for those who are driving during rainy days. It also decreases the risk of home invasion because it acts as the very first layer of security. In Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, the homeowner also usually installs an additional alarm and surveillance camera system together with the auto gate. Some auto gate also comes with a sensor that avoids accidents.

The cost of an auto gate depends on the material used, gate size and auto gate system that it is linked to. A typical 13×5 feet folding auto gate with track could cost RM5,000 to RM8,000, while a trackless 13×5 feet folding auto gate could cost RM8,000 to RM12,000.

Miscellaneous items that could be included in your car porch renovation project

Demolishing and rebuilding brick walls, fencing and pillar could be part of the project if you are looking to extend the entrance of your car porch. Wiring and plumbing cost might need to be included for auto gate, alarm and surveillance camera system, outdoor water filter or even a small landscaping area installation. Do not forget to include the car porch ceiling and lighting cost in your renovation budget.

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