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Are you looking for a renovation contractor for your bathroom or looking for bathroom renovation ideas? We offer a full range of renovation services for residential and commercial properties in KL & Selangor area.

A good bathroom remodeling or renovation requires experience and innovative design ideas. We help our customers to build stylish and yet functional bathroom by making use of the room space and smart bathroom furniture, and of course, within customers’ budget.

Bathroom Renovation Costs

The bathroom renovation cost varies depending on the amount of construction and piping work required, bathroom accessories, and the material used.

A functional bathroom that only requires minor refurbishment, for example changing a new sink and tap, bathroom cabinets, water heater and showerhead, and toilet bowl will cost about RM8,000 or less.

  • Sink and aluminium cabinet installation costs about RM1,700
  • Bathroom accessories and toilet fittings cost about RM1,300
  • Bathtub costs around RM5,000

Removing existing tiles and install new ones would cost a bit more. The cost for tile installation is calculated by the total square footage of the bathroom area. The average tile price in Kl and Selangor ranges between RM8 to RM12 per square foot, depending on the type of material and sizes. The bigger tile size is typically costlier as well compared to the smaller ones. For example, a small bathroom floor of 25sqft will cost about RM625. In addition tiling up the wall of the bathroom, it would cost about RM3,000.

For the bathroom of old houses that requires space planning with hacking and wall constructions involved, it would be more expensive depending on the wet work required.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, a small bathroom of 25sqft would cost about RM8000 and a master bathroom of 35sqft with a bathtub included will cost around RM15000.


Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Standards

Here is a standard bathroom layout with common bathroom fixtures and accessories labelled. If you still don’t have an idea of what you required for your bathroom renovation project, our professional team can help to propose and manage your renovation project.
Standard bathroom layout with fixtures and accessories
Here is a guide of minimum bathroom dimensions, fixture sizes and clearances required for planning bathroom layouts. Try to follow the recommended or required clearance for the bathroom fixtures as shown below:
recommended and required clearance of bathroom fixtures 

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Having your bathroom renovation or remodeling done the right way is very important. Here are some bathroom renovation tips for your perusal.

Hire a renovation specialist for your project

Make sure you do your research and hire a professional renovation specialist like us to get your bathroom renovation from the beginning to the end. A successful renovation project typically requires more than just pipework and fixtures installation. Most bathroom remodeling consists of demolition or hacking, building waterproof walls, constructing custom-made cabinets and windows and doors installation. Hiring a renovation contractor is the best choice for all-in-one renovation services.

Leave the bathroom pipework as it is if possible

In order to save cost for your bathroom renovation, it is wise to remain the existing pipework of your bathroom. Keeping the same layout and pipework reduces the construction work needed, including demolition and hacking, installation of new drainage pipes, etc. Only modify some additional pipework to fit your bathroom fixtures and accessories, like sink and tap.

Pay attention to your bathroom air ventilation

It is also very important to take note that the air ventilation of your bathroom before you start renovating your bathroom. A stuffy bathroom would not only chase away your guest but also affecting your health of your family members. When humidity and odours build up in a room, a host of disagreeable results arises, from mould and mildew to unpleasant air. Depending on your bathroom layout within the house, you might want to install ventilation fans if it is not possible to have windows.

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You are at the right place! Here, we have a complete solution for your bathroom renovation needs. From small powder room to huge bathroom solutions, from space planning and interior design to constructions, plumbing, and bathroom fixtures & accessories installation, we cover them all.

No matter what kind of work scope you seeking for your bathroom renovation project, from changing your sink and tap, to install bathroom cabinets, bathtub, shower, lighting to removing and reinstalling wall tile and floor tiles, our renovation team is ready to talk to you.

We are based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and we are experienced in dealing with bathroom renovation projects for terrace houses, condos, apartments, commercial buildings, and offices. Contact us today for a FREE quotation for your bathroom renovation project.

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