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We are a trusted and experienced plaster ceiling installation contractor based in KL and Selangor area. Plaster ceiling helps to conceal wiring and piping above the ceiling and at the same time can be used for decorative purposes for the house interior. If you are looking for a renovation contractor that provides plaster ceiling installation with lighting and fan installation, you are at the right place.

What is a plaster ceiling?

Plaster ceiling is made of plasterboards that are affixed to a wood or metal frame installed on the ceiling. Plaster ceilings are usually installed to conceal electrical wiring for fans and lights, ducting for air conditioning units, and plumbing pipes.

Plasterboards are made of gypsum or casting powder mixed in with fibres that hold the mixture together. In the past, asbestos was used in the place of plaster. This has been discontinued as asbestos is known to cause cancer, so be sure that your renovators never use asbestos for your ceilings.

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Do you need a plaster ceiling?

Plaster ceilings are installed for various reasons. The primary reason to install a plaster ceiling or false ceiling is for concealment. Often, plaster ceilings are installed to hide wires and pipes hanging above the house. Not all electrical wiring and plumbing pipes are concealed especially when it is not planned initially or bigger in size that does not fit the concrete wall. A plaster ceiling is typically installed to hide the mess above the house.

plaster ceiling to hide wiring

The false ceiling can do much more than just hiding things, it can be used to improve the overall interior design of any room purely for aesthetic purposes. A plaster ceiling can make the interior of the house look more polished and elegant. They can also contain intricate carvings and patterns to style your room.

Plaster ceiling price Malaysia

Plasterboard price in Malaysia cost about RM3-5 per square foot. The cost of the plasterboard for your ceiling can increase to RM20 per square foot if you require complex shapes, L-boxes, or cove lighting.

Request for a FREE quotation from our renovation team by providing your ceiling area dimensions, as well as any reference photos of the design you like. Do not worry if you have no idea of what plaster ceiling you should install, our professional team will do a quick evaluation and give you the best suggestion.

simple plaster ceiling design for house interior

What do you need to make sure of before installing the plaster ceiling?

Do you have enough space between the original ceiling and the planned plaster ceiling? A minimum of 35 cm should be introduced between the original ceiling and the plaster ceiling layer if you plan to install ceiling cassette air conditioning units.

Is your room structure tall enough to install a plaster ceiling? Always remember to evaluate the space between your new plaster ceiling and the floor to avoid ending up with a low ceiling that feels crampy and tight. Also, ensure the contractor factor in the space for items hanging down the plaster ceiling like chandeliers and ceiling fans.

Plaster ceiling design Malaysia

Looking for a trusted and reliable plaster ceiling installation contractor in KL and Selangor area?

Plaster ceiling can be installed in any room in the house including the bathroom and kitchen. Do not let the exposed wiring and piping ruins your indoor appearance, let us help you cover up the mess with plaster ceiling and install the right lighting option to create the right ambience for your room.

We are based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and we are experienced in dealing with renovation projects for terrace houses, condos, apartments, commercial buildings, and offices. Contact us today for a FREE quotation for your renovation project.

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